Apr 30, 2012

Who's talking about MADE?

Here's some of what the industry press is saying about UCLan MADE:

Hold the Front Page - University to host masterclasses for journalism entrepreneurs

How-Do.co.uk - UCLan seeks entrepreneurial journalists for startup weekend

Press Gazette - News project to help journalism startups

as well as introducing MADE to the wider conversation about entrepreneurship in journalism:

Saddleworth News founder explains why hyperlocal doesn't pay
"I'm a journalist, not a salesman," writes Jones. "And I found selling ads on Saddleworth News difficult. Despite my site's reach of more than 20,000 unique users per month in an area of only 24,000 people, it was hard to persuade the butcher and the baker of the value of taking an ad: much easier for them to do what they've always done and use the glossy magazines or the daily paper.
These are exactly the sort of problems MADE was set up to deal with. If you're a hyperlocal news site and finding it hard to monetise your content then speak to us.

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