MADE in the News

We aim to share MADE experiences as widely as possible. Below are links to some of the places where we, er, MADE news (couldn't resist that). If we've missed any, please do let us know by posting a comment below or by sending a note to you. FN

July 2012

A chance to breathe in the Media: MADE: Turkish, English -
Entrepreneurial Journalism Project begins in Turkey: Turkish, English -
MADE in Turkey begins!: Turkish, English -
Axed journalists brew up real ale news site -

June 2012

The MADE weekend was "amazing" -
Six to take part in media hothouse -

April 2012

UCLan seeks entrepreneurial journalists for start up weekend -
University to host masterclass for journalism entrepreneurs -
News Project to help journalism start-ups -
The hunt is on for news entrepreneurs -
Entrepreneurial journalism project weekend -

March 2012

Media City launch for news innovation contest winner -
Getting Journalism MADE -

December 2011

Nel made up with International Press Institute Award -

November 2012

UCLan Project awarded £64,000 from Google to support News Entrepreneurs -
IPI News Innovation Contest -
International Press Institute Q&A with MADE initiator Fran├žois Nel -



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