Nov 15, 2012

Registration opens for DJCamp2013 in Istanbul

[Update 08/01/2012: All the places for this workshop have now been taken. However, if you are interested in attending, please add your name to the waiting list and we'll let you know if any additional places become available]

Registration is now open for the much-anticipated DJCAMP2013 Istanbul – a two-day workshop designed to inspire and equip journalists with the skills they need to find and shape data into stories with impact.

Presented by internationally-recognised digital journalism thought leaders and experienced data journalism trainers Sarah Hartley and Megan Knight, this hands-on workshop will run over the weekend of 26th and 27th January 2013 at Istanbul Bilgi University's Santral Campus. DJCamp2013 is part of the series of activities of the MADE project, which aims to support innovative news entrepreneurs in Turkey  and the UK.

In addition to spaces reserved for those who participated in the recent MADE: Turkey Weekend for Startups, 15 additional spaces are available to professional journalists and  journalism  academics.

You'll find more information about the workshop and alshow you can reserve your place available here.